Forum Claim: Buick to Fight Audi A7 with Luxury 4-Door Coupe

Sketches supposedly nabbed from "computers at Holden Design."

General Motors is planning a Buick luxury modelthat'll take on German four-door coupes like the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe,Audi A7 and Porsche Panamera. At least that’s what a recent post in the GM InsideNews forum claims. “MonaroSS” says he obtained sketches of this model from “computers at Holden Design”, a claim we cannot confirm, but whichlooks more like an elaborate rendering job to us. If you do believe the report, “MonaroSS”also has some engine details:

“Certainly the new TTV6 would seem a natural choice for thiscar. Entry could start at a 2.0 Turbo Ecotec… Even if the platform turns out touse a transverse engine we know GM has shoved the small block V8 intotransverse Impala's, so a V8 is not completely out of the question.” If theserumors have any truth to them, and if the car looks anything like thesesketches, this could become a very cool entry into a new segment for Buick.

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