Forza Director Elevates Drifting to a Work of Art

This guy has taken the art of drifting to a whole new level.

If the dope dealer from American Beauty thought a plastic bag caught in a dust devil was beautiful, he would absolutely love this drift video. Granted it isn’t that hard to top the average drift production, but what Landin Williams – the cinematics director for Forza’s creator Turn 10 Studios – has done is to create a stunning work of art. Pat’s Acres Drift event was doubtless a cool happening, but seeing it represented in this black and white video with slow-mo shots and music that caresses the eardrums, it appears almost magical.

BMW E36s, Pontiac GTOs and RX-7s have never looked so good. These may be machines but there’s an art to making them go sideways. Landin Williams’ Monochrome video is an ode to the wonderful art form we call drifting.

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