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Forza Motorsport 4 To Be Porsche-less

Electronic Arts has decided to put an end to other game developers using Porsche in their games.

If you enjoy driving Porsches in any video games other than Shift or Need for Speed, don't get used to it. Electronic Arts, which makes Shift and NFS, has decided to play a bit dirty in an effort to take from sales away from other, bigger video game franchises. Turn 10, the makers of the Forza games, found this out the hard way when they were forced to drop plans for 35 Porsche models to appear in the upcoming Forza Motorsport 4, due out October 11th.

This had to be done because EA owns the rights to have Porsche appear in any video games, and while they've allowed rival developers to pay a licensing fee to use the Stuttgart rockets in their games, they've now decided to keep Porsche all to themselves. Turn 10 has turned to a tactic which has been employed by video game developers in the past, which is to use a few models from RUF, classified under German law as a separate manufacturer. The upside is that you'll still kind of get to drive some Porsches. The downside is that you only get three models, instead of the original 35. Don't hold it against Turn 10 though, they tried.

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