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Forza Takes us Beyond the Horizon

The developers behind the upcoming video game Forza Horizon explain why Colorado has the best driving roads.

Last month we brought you the first episode in a series of videos from Turn10 Studios that took us behind the scenes in the making of the upcoming video game Forza Horizon. With the game's launch set for October 23, Turn10 has released a second behind-the-scenes video. The second installment showcases the developers' chosen setting for the game. After evaluating a variety of locations around the world, Turn10 created the virtual universe of endless roads out of the roads, towns, mountains and plains of Colorado.

The game will allow players to drive a tantalizing array of machinery in an open environment no longer confined to the race track. The extent of the limitless gaming universe is so vast that players will even be able to find derelict old cars in barns, restore them and drive them on the virtually endless virtual roadways.

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