Founder of Mosler Admits His Car Disease


Mosler may now be in the hands of a new owner, but its founder and namesake takes a look back on how he blended high-performance, lightweight and fuel efficiency.

Back in 1985 Warren Mosler revealed the Consulier GTP and from the onset it broke many so-called industry rules. It may have been ugly, but it was ridiculously fast and extremely light, weighing just 1,900 lbs. It had over 1g of grip on the skidpad, returned 30 mpg and was quite safe due to its composite body. Unfortunately, hardly anyone took notice and it wasn't until the 2001 reveal of the MT900 Photon did Mosler finally gain more recognition and respect for what his vision of a high-performance sports car should be.

Motor Trend recently sat down with Warren Mosler himself for a chance to look back on the cars he created and whether or not he plans to build something new in the future.

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