FOUR Aston Martin DB10s Spotted In Rome During Filming Of New James Bond Movie "Spectre"

Is this the best Bond car of all time?

Filming of the 24th Bond flick has moved to Rome, and our buddy Marchettino managed to get hold of this video from his native Italy that captures the limited-edition Aston Martin DB10, which was revealed back in December with the announcement of the film’s name: “Spectre.” In fact, FOUR of the cars were on set, one of which had a driver rig attached to its roof for the stuntman scenes. Only ten units of the Aston DB10 will be made, all for the movie, and none will be sold to the public.

Essentially a V8 Vantage with a new body, the DB10 was designed with director Sam Mendes, with inspiration coming from the clean, pure lines of the original DB5. Almost as wide as a One-77, with power coming from a 4.7-liter V8, the DB10 will play a major role in the movie. We hope that means it will come packing lots of toys.

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