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Four-Door Toyota Supra Is The Perfect Family Car

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But does the world really need another four-door coupe?

The Supra is one of the most exciting cars to hit Toyota dealerships in a long time. Not only does the sports coupe hold its own against many of its rivals, but it also marked the beginning of the automaker's rebirth as a brand that enthusiasts can once again fall in love with. Since the Supra's inception, Toyota has made parts for previous-generation Supras available and then, as if that wasn't good enough, the company announced that it was working on a hypercar that would take on the Aston Martin Valkyrie on the track and on the roads.

And that kind of love for enthusiasts has inspired rendering artists around the world to take the Supra and turn it into any number of things. These creations range from tasteful to outrageous, with widebody conversions and convertible variants fitting into the former category and SUV models taking refuge under the latter.

However, this rendering, drawn up by Nikita Chuiko, resides somewhere between the two extremes. As four-door Supra "coupe," it pokes fun at the way German automakers have been creating niche segments left and right, mashing multiple body styles together and getting good-looking but impractical results.

But like the Supra wagon we've seen draw up before, the Supra sedan is actually kind of desirable even if it is completely impractical. Despite the harsh rear roofline that's sure to eliminate all headspace behind the front two seats, the Supra sedan looks good. It even lets the lines of the rear wheel arch take over the rear door panel, allowing the rear wheels to stand out and not look as if they're pushed too far back by the rear seats.

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While the wheelbase is longer, it's a look the Supra can wear successfully even if the abrupt taper at the rear end does look slightly awkward. And because the Supra rides on the same platform as the BMW Z4, which is very much not offered as a four-door, it's extremely unlikely that we'll ever see a Supra with this many doors unless it's a custom car built by a demented tuner.

But then again, you never know what those Germans are thinking because if history has shown us anything, it's that BMW will give pretty much any car the four-door coupe treatment if it sees a market.