Four Idiots Had The Worst Excuses When Caught With Stolen Teslas


"It's one of those cases where you're going, 'What?' and you're scratching your head."

Let it be known that if one steals a Tesla from a dealership, you're not going to get very far. This lesson has just been learned by four people that were arrested last Friday, according to Meet William Weist, Shane Smith, Zachary Hallman and Earlene Parker, all hailing from South Salt Lake, Utah. The four were caught with four Teslas and when questioned by police, had the worst, most pathetic claims. It all started when a Utah Highway Patrol trooper conducted a traffic stop at around 1 a.m. because he didn't believe the Tesla's driver was its owner.

Why? The Tesla stopped behind the trooper's squad car. The trooper found Shane Smith with a bag of keys on him and told police he was on his way to return the car. Did he feel guilty for stealing the car? Possibly, but he didn't want to speak to police. Instead, he wanted a lawyer. The only thing he told police was that "a guy he hardly knew game him a free Tesla along with three other keys to other Teslas." Next up on the idiot list is Weist. As police were investigating a possible burglary at the dealership, Weist drove by the building and troopers followed him. Weist's stolen Tesla soon ran out of power and he was arrested.

When further questioned by police, Weist identified himself as "Carlos Romero" and police found a financial transaction card with that name in his pocket. However, police then called Tesla and were able to identify multiple stolen items from the dealership in his possession. Fingerprints immediately proved his real identity. The second two Teslas were found the following morning. Hallman and Parker were arrested and both claimed a guy named "Tesla" gave them the cars. Police remain unsure how the four are connected to each other and how they broke into the dealership without damaging the doors. "It's one of those cases where you're going, 'What?' and you're scratching your head," said a South Salt Lake police detective.


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