Four-Turbo 3,000-HP Nissan Patrol Is Hellbent On Murdering Supercars

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Take the Nissan Patrol that beat a Porsche 918 Spyder on The Grand Tour and add 1,100 horsepower. You're welcome.

The sleeper car category has always been a broad one, encapsulating anything from SUVs to the uglier sorts of station wagons that confirm to all that the children of those owners will forever be fresh meat for bullies. In all fairness, the anonymity of a sleeper car is kind of the point because the more inconspicuous a car looks to an unsuspecting pink slip holder, the better. The only other reoccurring theme that must be in place to make a car a sleeper is a few metric tons of horsepower.

For whatever the reason, one popular pick for tuners has been the Nissan Patrol SUV, known to us as the Armada in its current incarnation. Richard Hammond recently drag raced one against a Porsche 918 Spyder in an episode of The Grand Tour, and thanks to a 1,900 horsepower output, it won.

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This time around, we get under the hood of a Patrol that would make the Grand Tour sleeper look tame. Stuffed with four turbochargers intent on choking the motor to death with air, this beast of an engine puts out just under 3,000 horsepower or a not so subtle 1,100 horsepower more than the Nissan Patrol that beat the Porsche 918 Spyder. Yes, the power premium it has over that Patrol is more than an original world record-beating Bugatti Veyron. Continuing the theme of absurdity are four intercoolers, each cleverly hidden so that it's almost impossible for someone outside the car to tell that it's been modified well past the standard capabilities of a normal Patrol. This is insanity done right.

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