Street Race

Fox Body Mustang will Blow You Away with 1200 HP

But it only races at night.

The era of the fox body Ford Mustang is long behind us, but there are still plenty of those cars out there. You can find many of them piled up in junk yards. Or you’ll come across them with some serious modifications on the drag strip. What was once an old 1980s relic of boxy design and crap interiors has been turned into a 1,200 horsepower pavement shredding thing of rear-wheel-drive beauty. It’s been outfitted with twin turbochargers that gives it all of its magic.

Check out this new video from the crew over at 1320video who pitted this super Stang against everything from a 205 hp superbike to a 950 hp Trans Am. Street races like these can only happen under the cover of darkness on public roads.

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