Fox Marketing’s SEMA Cars Crushed in Pennsylvania

Fox has filmed their show cars’ destruction for the world to see.

A week ago CarBuzz reported on Fox Marketing's plans to destroy a pair of media fleet cars. The two cars in question, a twin-turbocharged Lexus IS-F and a procharged IS350C, appeared at SEMA a few years ago and after all the furor the original story stirred (and of course, free publicity for Fox) they have released a new video explaining why the cars were to be crushed. And then, as you might imagine, actually crushing them.

Brian Fox of Fox Marketing claims that "all manufacturers crush their media fleet cars," and although that is not entirely true a great majority of them are indeed crushed, as they do not receive VINs or are pre-production floor models only. This pair has VIN numbers, but "federal law says these cars must be crushed."

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