Foxtron Model B To Rival Tesla Model Y With Pininfarina Styling And Lots Of Tech

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The Hon Hai Technology Group, more commonly known as Foxconn, recently established its own automotive arm called Foxtron. Earlier this month, Foxtron teased its affordable Tesla rival called the Model B, and that has now been unveiled in full.

Foxtron made a big splash last year when it unveiled three EV concepts. The Model E was a Pininfarina-designed, 750-horsepower Tesla Model S rival, while the Model C SUV was an obvious rival to the Tesla Model Y. The Model T was a bus, though Ford might have something to say about the name.

The Model C will debut first, followed by the Model B and the Model V pickup truck.

Pininfarina Pininfarina Pininfarina

Foxtron wanted to make a splash with the Model E, which was obviously meant to serve as a halo car to get attention. The Model B is obviously a more affordable offering and is aimed at a younger generation. Think of it as Taiwan's version of the all-new Chevrolet Equinox EV.

To grab attention, Foxtron once again turned to Pininfarina, and it did a spectacular job with the design. There are loads of funky design elements, like the turn signals, but the car is also extremely slippery. Foxtron claims an excellent drag coefficient of 0.26.

The Model B is 169.3 inches long, with a 110.3-inch wheelbase. The overhangs are remarkably short, which means loads of room on the inside for passengers.

Pininfarina Pininfarina Pininfarina Pininfarina

Foxtron did not provide power figures, but we know its open-source platform is highly adaptable. Its models can be produced in front-wheel-drive, rear-wheel-drive, and all-wheel-drive formats.

We also know that Foxtron can get up to 750 horsepower out of the platform but expect around half that for the Model B. The most likely scenario is a FWD setup with a single motor, producing roughly 300 hp.

While Foxtron was hesitant to share the power output of the Model B, it says customers can expect a "cruising range of 450 kilometers." That's roughly 280 miles, but it's worth pointing out that Foxtron does not mention any particular approved testing cycle.

Looking at the images, we can see the Model B follows the now standard minimalist trend, with a giant touchscreen interface dominating the interior. It also has cameras instead of side mirrors, mimicking the Audi e-tron, while there are several Pininfarina badges, just in case you forgot who designed the car.

Pininfarina Pininfarina Pininfarina

The debutant is based on Foxtron's MIH open platform, which was designed to promote standardization and modularization. This platform will underpin Foxtron's EVsand a few other obscure cars, including Africa's first EV pickup.

The Model B is obviously the big news, as it's meant to be the most affordable of the Foxtron range. For now, the Model B and Model C will only be produced in Taiwan. It is, however, worth noting that Foxtron already owns a large manufacturing facility in the USA, capable of producing 500,000 vehicles per year. For now, it will be used by Lordstown and Fisker.

Simply put, there's a high probability that the Model B will eventually be sold in the States, and we hope it is.

Pininfarina Pininfarina Pininfarina Pininfarina

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