Foxtron Model V Electric Truck Takes Aim At Upcoming Ford Maverick Lightning

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Let the battle of the small EV trucks commence... two years from now.

Ford, Rivian, and Tesla (if the Cybertruck ever arrives) need to prepare for the arrival of Foxconn's first EV pickup truck.

Foxconn's automotive manufacturing arm is known as Foxtron. It's a joint venture between Foxconn and Yulon Motor Company, one of Taiwan's biggest automakers.

Foxtron recently posted the first teaser for its upcoming Model V, which will debut on 18 October. The new EV pickup's name leaves us in no doubt as to which manufacturer it will be targeting.

Interestingly, Foxtron chose to go a size smaller than the established EV trucks. Looking at the side profile, the model V looks like it can slot in between the Ford Ranger and Ford Maverick.


This isn't necessarily a bad idea. As we all know by now, EVs aren't particularly good at towing and hauling, which is why the heavy-duty truck segment will remain gas- and diesel-powered for the foreseeable future. But there is a case for a smaller EV pickup, as Ford proved by applying for trademarks for Ranger Lightning and Maverick Lightning.

There's not much to share about the Model V right now, but looking at the exterior, it doesn't appear to be aimed at hardcore off-roaders. Having said that, it might be equipped with an air suspension system that could lift the car a few inches higher.

Foxconn/YouTube Foxconn/YouTube

The Model V will almost certainly be built on Foxconn's open-source EV platform, the MiH EV Open Platform. Not only does this underpin every Foxtron model we've seen so far, but Fisker and Lordstown will also use it. Foxtron is set to make massive piles of money from licensing agreements all around the globe.

Foxconn recently purchased the embattled Lordstown Motors factory in Ohio for $260 million. It now has a local assembly plant where the Lordstown Endurance and Fisker Pear will be built. The factory can assemble 500,000 cars per year, which means there's more than enough room for all of Foxtron's products, including the Model V.

Foxconn/YouTube Foxconn/YouTube

There are no details about the powertrain, but it makes sense for a truck to have at least one dual-motor AWD model in the range. The MiH EV Open Platform also allows for front-wheel-drive and rear-wheel-drive configurations for those who are more concerned with range than performance. We know the platform can deliver more than 700 horsepower, but a truck this size hardly requires that much.

Foxtron has made another exciting departure from the norm with its EV truck. It was designed in-house, while every other model so far (Model B, C, and E) has been created by the famous design and engineering firm Pininfarina. Based on this early teaser video, Foxtron is more than capable of designing an attractive machine on its own.


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