FPV Releases the Best Performance Car Ever Made in Australia

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The Falcon GT RSPEC and Ute Pursuit have arrived in the Land Down Under.

Ford Performance Vehicles has been giving Australian auto enthusiasts reasons to smile since their inception back in 2003. Their latest works include a pair of terrific new performance-minded models dubbed the Pursuit Ute and the Falcon GT RSPEC. They not only impress but make us wish they would make the long haul to the States (read: never going to happen). Starting with the GT RSPEC, the FPV sedan will be produced in a limited run of only 350 units.

The GT RPSEC features a ridiculously-awesome and all-aluminum supercharged 5.0-liter V8 measured at 450 horsepower (335kW) and 424 pound-feet of torque. Along with track-spec suspension, upgraded technology and wider rear wheels, the sedan not only performs well but will look good doing it. In terms of styling, the GT RSPEC boasts "Boss 335" badging and C-Strip decals. Of the 350 units, 175 will feature the black and red "Hero" coloring while the remainder will come in kinetic blue, winter white or vixen red with adorning black striping.

"On the track the RSPEC's capabilities are just awesome... it is the finest-handling GT in history," said FPV Managing Director Bryan Mears. "We have put 18 months into the development of the FPV GT RSPEC and we are extremely proud of the results; anyone who drives it on the track will be blown away by just how complete and capable this car is." The Pursuit Ute will arrive in a more limited run of only 75 pieces. It runs on a de-tuned version of the supercharged V8, producing only 422hp (315kW) and 402 lb-ft of torque.

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A black and red paint theme, climate control air-conditioning and upgraded sound system all give the Pursuit Ute some added personality. The limited edition FPV GT RSPEC prices at AU$7,990, a $5,700 premium over the standard GT, while the Pursuit Ute prices at AU$57,990.


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