FR-S Convertible Possible, Not for BRZ

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Scion wants to have one, but only if the business case is there.

There's been plenty talk about a convertible variant of the Scion FR-S. While a sedan is highly likely, Toyota still hasn't given up entirely on the idea of cutting the coupe's roof off. A Scion exec recently stated at Detroit that a FR-S convertible is "something we're looking at internally both from a manufacturing standpoint – where do we build something that's relatively low-volume, if not at Subaru – and from an engineering standpoint: Where are those resources going to come from to do it?"

Toyota has also asked dealers to report on FR-S sales as well as potential customer interest for a drop- top version. Basically the thinking is that if there's enough interest and sales of the coupe continue to be strong, then Toyota is willing to find a way to make the convertible happen. As far as the BRZ goes, Subaru has made it quite clear that it has no intention of launching a convertible. It wants the BRZ to remain relatively low volume and unique. Instead, what we will see from Subaru is the highly anticipated BRZ STI in the near future, although a specific unveil date remains unknown.

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