FR-S Faces the GTI and E30 M3

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The original M3 is pitted against two common era rivals in a matchup to determine purist driver's car superiority.

There was a time when the BMW M3 was the ultimate purist driver's car. Perhaps it still is, but over the years new competition has arrived which can claim the same title in their own rite. Examples include the Volkswagen GTI - arguably the original hot hatch - and, more recently, the Scion FR-S. True, the M3 has evolved to become an expensive luxury high-performance machine, but does that necessarily make it the better car over its cheaper alternatives?

Motor Trend wanted to find out, but instead of taking today's E92 M3, it opted for a 1989 E30 – the original M3. All three of these cars offer roughly the same performance at the same price - and that's with 25 years of inflation. How does the original M3 compare to today's latest? Tune into find out.

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