FR-S Takes on RX8 and S2000

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In a comparison test many of us have been waiting for, the Scion FR-S faces off against the Mazda RX8 and Honda S2000.

After what appeared to be the end of the small, rear-wheel-drive sports car, Toyota/Scion and Subaru literally revived the segment overnight with their GT86/FR-S and BRZ triplets. Reviving memories of discontinued Japanese favorites like the Mazda RX8 and Honda S2000, our hosts from EverdayDriver bring athose cars along with an FR-S together in Southern California to find out which is the ideal sports car that one can buy for a reasonably low price.

Yes, the Scion FR-S is newer than both of its competitors, but the RX8 and S2000 are certainly not lacking when it comes to power and crisp handling. So which one takes home the prize in this compare? Check out the following video to find out.

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