France vs. Italy: Citroen Wants to Develop DS1 to Rival Fiat 500

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Citroen reportedly wants to built a Fiat 500 rival, potentially to be called the DS1.

Both Citroen and Fiat are known in Europe as builders of wonderful cars - especially small, city-friendly ones. Each is rich in automotive history and have long-time loyal buyers. With the huge success of the Fiat 500 throughout Europe (and respectable numbers in the U.S.), Citroen has clearly taken note and, according to a fresh report, now wants to build a 500 rival using their DS sub-brand. Citroen has clearly identified the city car market as something with huge potential for them.

Judging by Fiat's proven success, the idea of doing a DS1 seems like a no-brainer. Reports are suggesting that a DS-badged city car will likely be based on the second generation C1 that will launch next September at the Paris Motor Show. Considering that the three cars in the DS sub-brand line-up, the DS3, DS4, and DS5, are selling very well, we can expect for the likely DS1 to feature similar styling inside and out. No word yet on when we'll at least see a concept version, but the 2013 Paris show seems to be highly likely possibility. Photos displayed are of the 2011 Citroen DS3 and Euro-spec Fiat 500.

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