Frankfurt 2011: 2012 Honda Civic Hatchback

2011 Frankfurt Auto Show

Honda reveals their all-new and Europe-only 2012 Civic hatchback at Frankfurt.

Honda has just unveiled their all-new (and European only) 2012 Civic hatchback. And just like the outgoing generation, the new hatch is something many North American buyers wish they could get their hands on. According to Honda, the designers "wanted to keep the sporty and advanced elements of the car's character but tailor them to communicate the new model's more dynamic feel." We're already jealous.

Designers reportedly took inspiration from a "blended wing body" airplane in which the "fuselage and wings blend into a single body for superior aerodynamic performance." We really like the arches over each of wheels as well as the aggressive front-end design. The rear taillight design is also solid, looking both sporty and different. At first glance from the side, it almost looks like the Ford Focus hatch, but a closer look will clearly make it clear this is different (perhaps even better). The interior is also fantastic with its swooping lines and easy everyday practicality.

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In comparison to the North American Civic's interior, this one is better (in our opinion) in nearly every way, whereas the former looks way too conservative. The new five-door hatch will be hitting showrooms in the U.K. and the rest of Europe in early 2012.