Frankfurt 2011: Bentley Mulsanne Executive Interior Concept

2011 Frankfurt Auto Show / 25 Comments

Bentely has unveiled a concpet for those customers who don't have the time to drive themselves around.

Despite being large, British and having four-doors, Bentley never intended the Mulsanne to be a direct competitor to the Rolls-Royce Phantom. The Mulsanne was made to be more of a driver's car, but it is hard to ignore that the back is spacious and comfortable. Bentley has now decided to offer something extra to those customers who just have to sit in the back of their Mulsanne. For this there is the Mulsanne Executive Interior Concept.

The concept was built for busy executives who need to use the time in their cars to either get more work done or get some precious relaxation time. Incorporated into the backs of the front seats are two folding wood veneer picnic tables containing Apple iPads and Bluetooth keyboards. These can connect to the internet or to the Media Control Center, which is controlled by an Apple Mini Mac stored in the trunk. The media system can also be controlled by the iPod touch, which is mounted in the rear console. It can play music, videos or television.

The TV and videos are displayed on a 15.6-inch HD LED monitor which drops down from the roof console and can also play DVDs from the built-in changer. Also incorporated into the rear console are a bottle cooler with an illuminated, double-glazed frosted glass door, a bespoke Tibaldi fountain pen and a telephone handset. No word yet on price, but we'd guess that selling a kidney probably wouldn't even be enough.

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