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Eterniti has arrived on the world stage. They have brought their first product, the Hermera ultra-luxury SUV.

England's brand-new automaker, Eterniti, has just debuted its premier model and itself at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show. The Hemera super-SUV has been highly-touted as setting a new standard for performance, comfort and luxury in a SUV. Eterniti plans to cater to the wealthy who demand personalization and luxury in their vehicles. The Hemera will feature reclining electric rear seats and some limousine-like interior accoutrements.


It runs on the Cayenne Turbo's turbocharged V8 and has been tweaked for an output of 620hp. The super-SUV can hit a top speed of 180mph. Expectations for the Eterniti SUV's driving experience are exceptionally lofty, as Alastair Macqueen of Le Mans-winning Jaguar XJ220 fame heads the engineering team. Production will commence in early 2012, with deliveries by the summer. Prices have yet to be confirmed, but should start around £150,000 for the standard vehicle. Eterniti plans to service the Asian-Pacific market and will open several showrooms in 2013.

A second variant of the Hemera is scheduled for 2012 while another SUV and high-performance car are currently in the works. A racing program is also rumored to be derived from the performance car.

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