Frankfurt 2011: Formula Ford 2012-Spec Racer

Ford brought their new Formula Ford car to show off at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

Considered one of the better career springboards for aspiring Formula 1 drivers, Formula Ford Championships around the world are already eyeing the 2012 season. For this season, Ford has introduced a new car, and the 2012-spec machine was brought to the Frankfurt Auto Show. This new machine uses Ford's 1.6-liter EcoBoost Engine, which features both turbocharging and direct injection, and is mated to a 6-speed sequential transmission.

The engine produces a limited 165hp and 162lb-ft of torque, making it more powerful (although not by much) than previous engines have been. The new cars are totally compliant with FIA safety regulations, something which is important for emerging championships which don't already have a set of rules in place and simply use the FIA guidelines. Look for these new cars next season, and pay attention to their drivers' names, you may hear from them again.

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