Frankfurt 2011: From Geneva to Germany – Subaru BRZ Concept


Subaru has brought their BRZ Concept from Geneva to Frankfurt.

The see-through Subaru BRZ got a lot of people in Geneva excited about the new coupe from the Japanese automaker. Covered in a plastic shell, the car drew quite a bit of attention at the March showcase and we were expecting to see something closer to a finished project at the Frankfurt International Auto Show. The only change made on the BRZ in the last few months was a slightly yellow-greenish tint on the clear plastic panels.

Now, maybe this is considered 'Japanese microchic' but for those of us hoping to see more of the rear-wheel-drive coupe it's a bit disappointing. Apparently Subaru will bring the close-to-production model to the Tokyo Motor Show instead in November. Sales are expected to begin next spring. Subaru says the BRZ will run on a 2.0-liter direct injection naturally-aspirated 4-cylinder horizontally-opposed Boxer engine. Hopefully we will see more in Japan than the current concept making the rounds.

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