Frankfurt 2011: Land Rover DC100 Defender and DC100 Sport Concepts

The new Defender has arrived, and it brought its convertible cousin.

We've heard much about the new Land Rover Defender in concept form as the DC100, however now we know that the British brand plans to bring them into production in 2015. What we didn't know about, however, was the new DC100 Sport concept that was just unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show. Land Rover has been pretty mum on what the new Defender and Sport (ie. drop-top trim) will feature before Germany's premier auto event.

They have finally mentioned a few gadgets the DC100 will feature, such as aerospace technology (and materials) and Terrain-i scanning for off-road action. A driver-activated spiked tire system should be pretty useful for its set of lightweight mixed-alloy wheels. The Brits might also use a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder gasoline or diesel engine that could be equipped with hybrid or plug-in technology. As Land Rover releases more information on the DC100 concepts we will bring it to you live from Frankfurt.

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