Frankfurt 2011: Lotus Exige S and Rallye GT


Lotus once again shows the world their brilliance with the new 2012 Exige S and Rallye GT, debuting today at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

Lotus is not entirely finished with the Exige just yet. Although it will no longer be sold in the U.S, the small British automaker has just revealed the 2012 Exige S, which they claim is the "ultimate lightweight high performance sportscar." Underneath its new exterior styling which features a new front splitter and rear spoiler, lays a 3.5-liter V6 Supercharged Evora S engine, making it 35 percent more powerful than before. The interior features two new package options: Premium and Premium Sport.

The Premium Pack adds some comfort, something the previous Exige wasn't exactly known for, and the Premium Sport Pack offers what Lotus calls "an internal space optimized for ultimate driver involvement." Ok, sounds good to us, but how does it drive? The likely answer is downright amazing. Lotus has added all of the typical goodies we've come to expect such as a high performance bespoke tire package with Pirelli P-Zero Corsa tires. There's also a unique Dynamic Performance Management (DPM) switch that allows drivers to alternate between three driving modes: Touring, Sport and DPM off.

Lotus is also offering a Race Pack option which adds a fourth driving mode: Race. This additional setting allows for the maximum possible traction coming out of corners. Additionally, the Race Pack offers the coveted Launch Control and an optimized track specific suspension setting. In addition to the Exige S, Lotus has also revealed the Exige Rallye GT car. It too is powered by the same supercharged 3.5-liter V6, but power is down to 268hp due to FIA-mandated 34mm air restrictors. Weight is also slightly increased due to those same FIA rules.

Other changes include a steel rollcage, front and rear underbody protection, Lexan side windows, an air scoop in the roof, a six-speed sequential gearbox, disc brakes, three-way adjustable front and rear dampers, upgraded calipers, and a hydraulic handbrake. No pricing details have been announced, but with Lotus under new leadership, the future is looking brighter than ever for one of the world's best new sports car makers.


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