2011 Frankfurt Auto Show

Frankfurt 2011: Maybach Edition 125!

Maybach's special one-off shows the crowds at Frankfurt what can be done with the car.

Maybach has brought a special edition to Frankfurt to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the automobile. Called the Edition 125!, Maybach promises that the one-off will deliver more than just the questionable use of punctuation in its name. It comes with a classic Maybach two-tone paint job, but with the bespoke colors Tahiti Black and Patagonia Silver. Also bespoke to the special edition is the new grille and the 20-inch matte black wheels.

Maybach's approach to the interior was to use it to show off a large number of the personalization options which are available for the super-luxury sedan. This includes such touches as silver topstitching and lots of trim in carbon fiber and piano black lacquer. It also features an embroidered representation of Wilhelm Maybach's signature on the glovebox lid. It certainly looks nice, although we can't help but doubt that this will do much to revive the troubled brand.

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