Frankfurt 2011: Mercedes-Benz F-125 Hydrogen Gullwing Debuts


1,000km-plus range for Mercedes hydrogen-powered 125 Concept.

Mercedes-Benz is celebrating 125 years of the automobile by trying to revolutionize the way they run. The German automaker has just unveiled their brand-new hydrogen-powered zero emissions motorcar concept at the Frankfurt Auto Show. The concept features gullwing doors and four electric motors. The motors are powered by electric energy generated by a set of hydrogen fuel cells.


The Germans plan to launch their hydrogen vehicles in 2014 (optimistically) and have already signed an agreement to jointly produce the new eco-friendly powertrain. The hydrogen fuel cell vehicle can put out 231hp. Performance is also quite impressive, as it can sprint from 0-60mph in 4.9 seconds. The concept can hit a top speed of 136mph. The most exciting feature of this new eco-friendly car is its range. At full capacity the car boasts a range of 1,000km (620 miles). The ambitious idea means the luxurious 2-door concept won't come with the 'range-anxiety' most modern EVs have.

As Dr. Dieter Zetsche, Daimler AG CEO notes of his new concept, "When it comes to the drive, there is one figure to note - one thousand. That is the distance in kilometers that you can drive on electricity alone without stopping to refuel, and with four electric motors close to the wheels and a peak output of 313 hp, there's no shortage of fun."


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