Frankfurt 2011: Volvo Concept You

2011 Frankfurt Auto Show / 13 Comments

Volvo reveals their latest hi-tech masterpiece, the Concept You, at this year's Frankfurt Auto Show.

Now that Volvo is under the ownership of Chinese automaker Geely, many of us were left wondering where exactly the Swedish automaker was heading next. Were they simply going to be a safety brand or one that combined this along with unique styling? It now seems like we're getting a clearer picture with the new Concept You. Having its official debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show, the concept represents the next step of the automaker's Concept Universe that was shown earlier this year at Shanghai.

No engine or production details have been given, but Volvo wants us to focus on their developing infotainment technology. So why is it called "You?" Because it's meant to be customer focused and has a "Designed Around You" strategy. It features controls that are incorporated into a single touchscreen that's mounted in the center console. There's also a heads-up display on the windshield. Amazingly, when the driver simply looks in the direction of the screen, a pair of infrared cameras notes the eye movement which then activates the display.

There's also internet for passengers and drivers are even able to take data from the touchscreen to the heads-up display. In turn, this info can also be shared with back seat passengers. Volvo also wants us to pay attention to its new and unreleased audio system that was developed by Alpine. It has a unique "FreshAir" subwoofer that uses the air outside of the car to create the ultimate listening experience. According to Volvo's President and CEO Stefan Jacoby, his company intends "to be the brand that best interprets what buyers of modern luxury cars want.

The Concept You reflects how people's perception of luxury is moving beyond the traditional perspective. There is a growing appreciation for the ingenious blend of elegant design, superior craftsmanship and smart technology."


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