Fraudster Suing Police For Crushing His Ferrari

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The wheel turns.

If you're a criminal, you think you're above the law. But when the time comes to face the music, it shouldn't be all that much of a surprise. The truth inevitably comes out and the day will come when you have to deal with the consequences of your illicit action. But one Ferrari-driving fraudster has such an inflated opinion of himself that, despite being convicted and sentenced, he's now suing UK police for crushing his Ferrari 458 Spider, a car that was almost certainly the result of ill-gotten gains, regardless of the criminal's claims. And what's more, he's doing this after having fled the country.

Birmingham Live
Birmingham Live

So what exactly happened? Well, 35-year-old Zahid Khan made local headlines when he parked the supercar on the sidewalk alongside the steps of Birmingham Crown Court in April 2017 before it was seized by police. A month later, he appeared in court to try to prove that the car was purchased legally, only to find that it had already been crushed. This happened because, according to police, it had no valid insurance and was a "Category B vehicle", which means that it was officially classed as unroadworthy. Later, Khan was convicted of conspiracy to commit fraud by registering existing license plates under his own name to sell on.

Birmingham Live
Birmingham Live

He then fled to Dubai in the summer of 2018 to avoid a 10-year jail term. He also has a confiscation order totaling the equivalent of around $163,000. If he doesn't pay up, he faces another 14 months in prison. Despite this, he remains in Dubai and has served no prison time over the scam as yet. Even so, he has now "started proceedings against West Midlands Police for their unlawful conduct in relation to my Ferrari 458 Spider worth 200k" (GBP). The curtain is closing on his illicit career though, and he faces extradition back to the UK. It seems that some people think their luck will never run out.

2012-2015 Ferrari 458 Spider Front Angle View Ferrari
2012-2015 Ferrari 458 Spider Front Angle View Ferrari
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Source Credits: Birmingham Mail

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