Free Tesla Superchargers On July 4th Will Be A Mess

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Everyone loves 'free' but there is a huge catch.

We don't care what socio-economic status you have, everyone craves a discount and free is even better. While Tesla vehicles aren't really cheap by any standard starting at $46,990 for a base Tesla Model 3, their owners are still all about erasing anything close to their old gas bill for transportation. The 4th of July weekend here in the US means many people will be traveling and Tesla is celebrating with free Supercharger juice. But there is a catch, because in the asterisk is something like: *only available in five states, and states that already suck for Supercharger networks.*

The top brass at Tesla decided to open up charging for the popular travel and road trip weekend in the US from July 1-4. Sure the freebie charges are only open for five whole days but there is a catch. The free charge offer is only available in five states meaning it probably will be a circus lining up but would be nicer if the EV stations were a great place to stop and visit.

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2017-2022 Tesla Model 3 Driving Front Angle Tesla
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Limited to the following states, California, Texas, Nevada, Arizona, and Oklahoma, the promo focuses on mainly southwestern states in hotter climates. What will cause chaos is that there are very few Tesla Superchargers in any of these states. Nevada only has one Supercharger in Primm just outside Vegas while Oklahoma and Arizona only boast two Superchargers.

By contrast, everything is big in Texas and so are the number of Tesla superchargers taking part in the free promo. Superchargers in Katy, Columbus, Denton, and Flatonia are part of the program but like Oklahoma will only honor the free charge for Tesla owners overnight from 8 PM-11 AM overnight and off-peaks.

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California has over 40 million residents and as the former home of Tesla Headquarters before the move to Texas, has thousands of its cars on the road. As such, Cali has 17 Superchargers that will operate from evening until morning between 6 PM and 9 AM. We've seen Tesla Superchargers have more than an hour wait in California on paydays, so a free charge will surely be loads of fun with the lineups of angry EV owners. The same California timeframe is available in the Arizona and Nevada markets.

Looking to get a free Tesla Supercharger top-up this weekend? Well, we'd like to hear about your experience in the comments and hope all goes smoothly.

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