Free2Move Will Introduce The Fiat 500e Into Its US Expansion

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The little electric hatchback will become the flagship of the service.

Free2Move, Stellantis' multimodal global mobility hub, is expanding in America with a push into new cities and introducing the new Fiat 500e into the available car fleet.

The company, which already has a significant presence in Europe thanks to recently acquiring SHARE NOW, is aiming to open 200 more mobility hubs in cities all across the world by 2030.

In the US, the company currently offers car sharing and subscription services with vehicles like the Jeep Renegade through its mobility hubs in Washington DC, Denver, Portland, and Columbus, along with just a subscription program in Austin, LA, and San Diego.

The goal is to expand into Dallas and Pasadena in 2023 and offer a new dealership program to grow the applications and revenue streams available.

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If you need more clarification on what Free2Move is, we don't blame you.

The company is only in a few cities, but it's attempting to corner the market of rentable transportation. It offers car rental in day, month, leasing, and subscription models. It also provides parking spot rentals, ride-sharing comparisons and booking, and electric charging options. It aims to be the best at helping people get from point A to point B in major cities and offering all of the options to do so.

The upcoming Fiat 500e will be a big part of this expansion. We initially thought the Citroen Ami would be introduced as the small electric people mover to the service in the US. With a top speed of only 30 mph and 47 miles of range, it simply wasn't going to work, however.

Luckily, the 500e will offer a significantly higher top speed and up to 199 miles of range.

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The 500e is a part of the Stellantis' Dare Forward campaign and the greater goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2038. In the long run, Free2Move sees this vehicle becoming the flagship offering for the service.

The company wants to expand rapidly in the US in 2023. This will see dealers getting involved in two models: Free2Move Mobility Corner and Free2Move Mobility Operator. The first allows dealers to put their cars into the rental and car subscription service, while the second expands upon this with additional rental options and special access to Stellantis vehicles.

The company aims to have 38 Mobility Operators, and 30 new Mobility corners added this year, introducing 3,000 additional cars.

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