Freezing Winter Storms Send Jeep Sales Sizzling

Including its “half baked” Cherokee model.

Despite the lukewarm review it was given by Consumer Reports just last week, the Jeep Cherokee conquered its segment lastmonth, claiming an unrivaled share of the hot small-SUV market. It joined otherJeep models in bringing the brand’s sales up 38 percent in the month of January. According to various reports, customers were drawn to Jeepshowrooms due to the harsh winter storms in recent weeks, seeking its reputation for all-weather and off-road capabilities.

Jeep managed to claim 4.1 percent of the entirecar market in January, an all-time high for the brand and its best since theSUV-happy 1990s. While specialists expected the new Cherokee to cannibalizesales of other brand products, its other nameplates all enjoyed similar growth -with Compass, Patriot, Wrangler and Grand Cherokee sales all expanding between 6 and 31percent. With the winter months of November through January showing continuous growthfor Jeep, the company must be hoping that Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction of anearly spring will be proven wrong.

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