French Automaker Blocks Polestar 2 Sales

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This issue is now heading to court.

Polestar is one of the hottest new automakers to arrive on the scene in years thanks to the gorgeous Polestar 1 luxury coupe and Tesla Model 3 rivaling Polestar 2. The Precept concept is also heading to production in the near future. The Chinese-owned, Swedish-headquartered Polestar is hoping to make waves in multiple continents and despite a somewhat sluggish start for the Polestar 2, the future is looking bright, much like its chrome "North star" 3D logo.

Thing is, French automaker Citroen is claiming that logo bears too strong a resemblance to its own chevron chrome logo and wants to block Polestar 2 sales in France as a result. According to The Connexion, Citroen took Polestar to court back in July 2019 over this issue.

Polestar Polestar Polestar

Not surprisingly, the French court ordered Polestar to pay a fine of 150,000 euros in damages and further ordered for the use of its logo to stop in the country for at least six months. Unfortunately, no additional legal updates are currently available and, clearly, Polestar has not changed its logo. Production of the Polestar 2 is already underway, as are customer deliveries, just not in France.

In fact, Polestar's French website has the following message displayed: "Access to the Polestar site is not accessible to the French public due to territorial restrictions on the use of French trademarks n°016898173 and n°01689532."

Polestar/Citroen Polestar Citroen

It does provide an international phone number for customer assistance, but that's it. CarBuzz has also reached out to Polestar on the matter and will update this piece if a relevant response is received. Outside of France, meanwhile, the logo debate does not appear to be a known issue.

Compared side by side, the automaker's logos don't really look much alike. Citroen is a 100-year-old company and Polestar became its own separate brand from Volvo only in 2017, so you'd think there'd be no mistaking their respective logos. Citroen, quite clearly, feels differently.

Polestar 2021 Polestar Polestar 2 Infotainment System Polestar Polestar
2021 Polestar Polestar 2 Infotainment System
Source Credits: The Connexion

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