French Automaker Reveals New Logo For A New Era

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Citroen is readying itself for the electric age.

Stellantis-owned Citroen has announced the arrival of a new corporate logo, that will don the French company's creations from the middle of 2023. We'll first get to see the new badging on a concept car that's expected to arrive later this year, though.

This is the tenth evolution of the infamous Chevron badging, first seen in 1919. Interestingly, the redesign harks back to the original first created by founder Andre Citroen. While it looks to the past for design inspiration, the Poissy-based automaker says the new logo heralds a "bold, exciting and dynamic new era" as the brand heads into the world of electrification.


Citroen says it also signals a change in the company's design direction, which should be exciting. The left-field company has developed a reputation for building quirky, stylish cars and, aside from the early 2000s, this remains true. The bizarre little Ami electric car, for example, looks like a futuristic forklift and is so tiny a Mini Cooper dwarfs it.

Elsewhere, the brand's slogan has been updated to "Nothing Moves Us Like Citroen" which, says CEO Vincent Cobee, sums up Citroen's future goals. "Our new identity is an elegant symbol of progress as we move our customers physically in daring, forward-looking vehicles that challenge traditional industry rules...we firmly believe that customers past, present, and future will agree that nothing moves us like Citroen."


The company also aims to reintroduce a historic color, Monte Carlo Blue, along with a new crimson shade known as Infra-Red, which will be used in combination with the new white and gray logo.

Interestingly, Citroen says the rebranding was inspired by non-automotive brands, which convey a more intimate expression to customers. The company says clients will experience an "enhanced sense of serenity" through their entire digital journey. This will stretch beyond apps and websites, and become an integral part of the corporate identity and dealerships.

"Progressively moving to a more prominent and visible brand signature for our future designs is a significant if subtle evolution," remarked Global Brand Designer, Alexandre Revert. Hopefully, these changes inspire Stellantis to introduce the brand to the USA.


Like sister brand Peugeot, there have been rumors that the French automaker would finally offer its vehicles in America. Even if they arrive as rebadged (and mildly restyled) Dodge and/or Chrysler models, it would inject some excitement and diversity into the American brand's respective lineups. The Dodge Hornet (which is based on the Alfa Romeo Tonale) gives us hope that this is possible.

Citroen isn't the only automaker to go through a rebranding of late. In anticipation of the electric future, Buick is shaking off its stuffy, "old man" image and has launched a new tri-shield logo as part of this initiative. Whether a new logo and identity can revitalize the brand remains to be seen.


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