French Carmaker Reveals Stunning Concept With Formula E Power

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And 5,900 lb-ft of torque.

DS, one of the Stellantis empire's lesser-known brands stateside, has been planning an electric attack on the US market for quite some time now, although this plan may have been curtailed by the merger that created Stellantis. While the brand's regular offerings - quirky hatchbacks and crossovers for the most part - might not resonate with the American audience just yet, the French automaker has created some pretty interesting concepts that we've fallen in love with. Back in 2016 we got to lay our eyes on the stunning DS E-Tense, and two years later, the 1,341-horsepower DS X E-Tense showed its face. Since then the company has been keeping itself busy with Formula E, and after gaining a ton of motorsport experience and several championships along the way, this French oddity is back with another all-electric concept that leverages the its Formula E involvement to the fullest.

DS Automobiles DS Automobiles DS Automobiles

The DS E-Tense Performance prototype was developed in-house and will be used as a platform to develop powertrain and chassis technology for the next generation of DS E-Tense cars, while its design influence will filter into the full range of DS models.

Beneath the skin, this wild-looking machine makes use of a carbon monocoque. That's not the most interesting part, however. The E-Tense Performance borrows its drivetrain from a single-seater Formula E race car. Comprising two electric motors, the DS E-Tense Performance produces a combined power output of 804 horsepower and 5,900 lb-ft of torque, the latter figure at the wheels. The battery pack is housed in a carbon-aluminum composite envelope and was developed jointly with TotalEnergies and its subsidiary Saft. It features a bespoke Quartz EV Fluid solution and allows for acceleration and regeneration of up to 600 kW - the electric motors' regeneration ability matching their output.

DS Automobiles DS Automobiles DS Automobiles

The handsome exterior features daytime running lights made up of 800 LEDs, with no real headlights. Instead, two forward-facing cameras are equipped, with these to be used as a means of making this concept a rolling laboratory for future development. The green paintwork is inspired by nature with a 'beetle-like' quality of changing hue depending on the light it's viewed in, contrasted by specially-designed 21-inch alloy wheels.

Inside, the feeling is very much like a race car: there's a Formula E steering wheel, and black leather bucket seats keep occupants in place.

While the DS E-Tense Performance is just a concept, it will be available to drive in the digital space as an NFT. In this realm, 102 units will be sold, with two of these being special models that will run from 0-62 mph in a claimed 2 seconds. That's just about quick enough to give the Rimac Nevera a run for its money.

DS Automobiles DS Automobiles DS Automobiles

These will be available to drive on the Pavilion platform, with the initial batch of cars comprising a one-a-day run of the regular "100 Series - 100% Electric" models, while the pair of "100 Series - 0-100kph in 2s" will follow in a 50-day auction.

"Our objective is to apply the experience acquired in Formula E and the expertise that we've taken from our international titles to a project which predicts the high-performance electric car of tomorrow. It is a laboratory that we will use to analyze the behavior of components and to develop them with a view to future manufacturing," says Thomas Chevaucher, Director of DS Performance. "The idea is also to find solutions to lower costs, make them easier to manufacture and explore implementations in production models. The next generations of the E-TENSE range will benefit from these developments."

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