Freze Froggy Winners Edition Is A Two-Seat Electric Roadster With An Alligator Interior

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Its powertrain may be environmentally friendly, but its upholstery isn't.

The team behind the famous gold-plated Dartz SUV featured in The Dictator and the mad Freze Froggy EV buggy has launched a new car. Have you been hoping for a new roofless microcar from the same company that upholstered a car in whale penis leather? Well, we have got some excellent news for you.

It's a limited edition of the previously mentioned EV called the Freze Froggy EV Beachstar The Winners Edition. The name is literally too long to put on the tiny car, but it has several unique features you won't find on the standard car.

Before we go any further, we feel obligated to mention that no whales had to give up their reproductive organs to produce this particular car. This time, Freze peeled alligators and ostriches for the full-leather interior.

Freze Freze Freze

Freze belongs to the Latvian carmaker, Dartz. Dartz took a wild turn a few years ago after realizing that the market for high-performance armored vehicles with seats covered in whale member is quite tiny. So it teamed up with SAIC-GM-Wuling to build the Froggy. It's essentially a badge-engineering exercise, and the Froggy goes by many names on the Chinese market, including Chery QQ Ice Cream and Dongfeng Mini EV. It's also available with a hardtop model called the Nikrob.

The Freze Froggy EV Beachstar The Winners Edition has the aforementioned leather seats, custom Bang & Olufsen speakers hanging from the rollover hoops that look like they're made from octopus tentacles, and a Swiss Army Knife Trunk.

Freze Freze Freze

Freze chose to call it that because it opens in layers. If you lift the first latch, there are two backpacks, one containing a picnic hamper. The second latch reveals the actual trunk. It's named the Winners Edition because it's the world's first affordable two-seat EV roadster. The company also names students and billionaires as its potential clients.

It's powered by a 67-horsepower rear-mounted EV motor, good for 125 or 187 miles, depending on the battery pack. The top speed is a lofty 66 mph.

All of this can be yours for €15,000, which is roughly $15,700. Freze rightly states that it has no direct rivals, but we'd rather save up and get a Mini Cooper Convertible at twice the price.

Freze Freze Freze

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