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With gas prices increasing everywhere, consumers may be more open-minded about alternative fuels.

Electricity may be the automotive power source of the future, but it would be a lot more fun if one of these fringe automotive fuels were selected instead. While gasoline and diesel engines are still the preferred choice for many, in the future don't be surprised to see more "alternative" options, other than Prius-like hybrids. If you have never seen a motorcycle powered by human waste or a car powered by coffee, then continue reading on. The toilet motorcycle alone is worth sifting through all of these other rides.

The WorldFirst F3 is literally the greenest car on this list. The F3 is made out of vegetables and can be powered by a variety of bio-fuels. Vegetable oil-powered cars are nothing new, but the WorldFirst F3 can reportedly run on chocolate.

The Bio-Bug is a poop-powered convertible that cements Britain's standing as the world leader in alternative alternative fuels. The Bio-Bug is powered by human waste and can do 10,000 miles using only the sewage from 70 homes as fuel. The Bio-Bug is disgustingly green, but it isn't the only poop-powered car on this list.

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The Car-Puccino isn't terribly fuel-efficient, but what it lacks in convenience, it more than makes up for in character. This Volkswagen Scirocco was converted by British engineers to run completely off of coffee grounds. The Car-Puccino got three miles to the kilo of coffee and could hit a top speed of 60 mph.

The British may want to eye the Japanese a little more closely now after the release of the Toilet Bike Neo. The Toilet Bike Neo is a poop-powered motorcycle created by TOTO. The bike is powered entirely by the rider's feces.

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