From Bollywood to Hollywood, Leno Takes Stock of Tata Nano

Jay waxes lyrical about the world’s cheapest car.

From the company that builds Jaguars and Land Rovers comes the Tata Nano, which according to Leno is a future classic.

With no air bags and crash bars, the world's cheapest car is far from being road legal in the US but that didn't stop Jay Leno from getting a specially-made version of the Indian super subcompact shipped over from India to his garage in LA. After testing out how many Indian dancers he could fit into the go-kart, he takes it the LAPD test track. Comfortable, plenty of interior space, with power coming from a 2 cylinder, 38hp, 624cc engine that's good for a 63mph top speed, it may not be everyone's cup of Darjeeling, but it's not bad for $2,700.

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