From Now On, All Panoz Sports Cars Will Have Self-Healing Paint

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Kiss light scratches goodbye.

One of the worst things to have happen to a new car is a paint scratch. Sometimes it'll buff right out, but not always. A complete repaint, even for a single body panel, can be very expensive. Fortunately, American sports car company Panoz has come up with a solution. As first reported by Autoblog, the company behind the famed Esperante roadster has teamed up with another company called Feynlab in order to take advantage of the latter's Self-Heal Plus coating technology.

Panoz, LLC

This coating will be applied on all new Panoz paint jobs and, in short, prevents lights scratches in the car's paint. How does it work? The coating is a memory polymer that's capable of reforming to its original configuration when exposed to heating following a scratch. It specifically works only for "light scratches and swirl marks," both of which can be healed, so to speak, by simply parking the car in the sun. Even a hair dryer would reportedly work. Fortunately, this paint tech is now standard, but a new Panoz is far from cheap. The least expensive one, the Esperante Spyder, pictured here, begins at $159,000. What that price tags gets you, however, is a hand-built purist two-seater, powered by a 6.2-liter 430 hp V8.

That can be upgraded with a supercharger for a total of 560 hp. And yes, a six-speed manual is standard while a six-speed automatic with paddle shifters is also available. The new Avezzano hard top coupe, also pictured below and introduced last year, offers the same engine with up to 580 hp and a curb weight of just under 3,200 pounds.


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