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Designer Da Feng's latest futuristic creation features both CGI video and renderings.

CGI has done a great many things for the film industry, and it is on the verge of breaking into the auto industry as well. Ok, so maybe this concept isn't really from the Matrix, but it's the closest thing we have ever seen in the autmotive industry. Designer Da Feng previously developed the GYM concept car in 2008 and he is back with his latest creation, the hyper-conceptual Project Flake concept car. As you can imagine, it's pretty hard to describe a car that exists only in CGI-animated form.

Well, it is especially tough to elaborate on one that was created to resemble a living, breathing creature more than a supercar. The Project Flake concept appears to have fur thanks to the hundreds, nay thousands of small panels that adorn the vehicle. They open and close to manage the airflow and can act as brakes when needed or provide additional downforce. The car's shell even changes shape when hitting high speeds. In the CGI video, you can see the concept ride on its D-shaped wheels that adjust to fit whatever terrain the car comes across.

You can also see the movable systems on the concept in the rendering, as they are controlled by a... ahem, puppeteering system which uses Nano-tube cables and electromagnetic solenoids to track performance and adjust to maximize performance and so on and so forth. What are your thoughts on the far-flung futuristic car?

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