Front-Engined Ferrari GT May Go Hybrid

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But don't think for a second Ferrari will go all Prius on us.

The LaFerrari is no doubt a game-changer for the Italian supercar company, and it appears that its hybrid technology will soon trickle its way down into the next-generation of Ferraris. We previously reported that Ferrari will soon ditch naturally aspirated engines in favor of turbocharging, but it's hybrid technologies will also have a future role to play. A new report is claiming that Ferrari has just patented a design that could be the beginnings of a new front-engined hybrid model.

The title of this patent couldn't be clearer: "Storage system for the storage of electric energy for a vehicle with electric propulsion." The patent also describes why Ferrari wants to locate the battery packs into the floor that's further integrated into the car's frame. This is being done to protect the storage system from an impact and is arranged in a position that won't be prone to overheating and is easy to cool down. The system is placed close to the ground for a low center of gravity, just like the design of the Tesla Model S. What the patent info doesn't mention is what type of gasoline engine will be used, but you can be sure performance will still take precedent over fuel-savings.

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