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Frozen Norway is a Pain in the Ass for Tesla

Look on the bright side: a frozen charging cable is better than a battery fire.

We shouldn’t at all be surprised that the Tesla Model S has become very popular in Norway, one of the most environmentally conscious countries on the planet. So it makes complete sense that Norwegians love EVs. Heck, it’s even legal for EV owners there to drive in lanes normally reserved for buses and taxis, amongst other perks. And the Model S has become the obvious go to green machine for wealthy Norwegians.

Unfortunately, some of those owners have been experiencing an issue Tesla may not have been fully prepared for: extreme cold. It’s being reported by several sources that Norwegian Tesla owners have been running into recharging problems during the winter. One owner was left stranded on Christmas Eve with a dead battery and about 233 miles away from the closest recharging station. As winter temperatures are regularly below freezing, owners are having difficulties with the recharging cables because they don’t hold the charge properly in cold weather. Tesla is fully aware of the problems and is hard at work on a solution.

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