FT-86 Concept Teases What May Never Happen

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So will there or won't there be a convertible version?

It's been an off-again, on-again type of thing over whether or not Toyota will launch a convertible variant of its GT86 coupe. Although the latest reports indicate Toyota is still interested in cutting the top off of its hot-selling coupe, the business case simply may not be there in the end. If the GT86 gets the green light, so will the Scion FR-S. So while we're waiting to hear something official, the automaker has just announced that it'll unveil the latest FT86 Open Concept at this year's Tokyo Motor Show.

For the first time we're able to see what the car looks like with the soft top closed. And in all honesty, it looks pretty damn good. The concept you're seeing now features new interior bits along with gray door handles, mirror caps, a black roof that better contrasts with the Flash Red exterior paint. Given that Toyota has released yet another FT-86 convertible concept, we're willing to bet a production version is just around the corner. Then again, we also recently heard that a GT86 sedan concept was coming soon (hasn't happened yet). Point being, we'll believe it when we see it.

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