Fuel Economy Restrictions Don’t Just Hurt Ferrari, They Hurt Rolls Royce Too


Although the portly cars could stand to lose a few.

When fuel restrictions first started constraining the types of cars that automakers could build, everyone thought supercars would be the only cars to suffer. This time it isn’t only the supercar family that is in jeopardy. The extreme luxury segment may soon feel the EPA’s wrath. As a result, Rolls Royce’s parent company BMW has announced plans to start putting its cars on a diet by stuffing them with aluminum to help cut fuel consumption.

Apparently, the new aluminum space-frame architecture is already being tested and should come out around 2018. What does this mean for Rolls Royce? For one, it may mean a concept that will hit an unnamed auto show in the next year or so. Second, it confirms that a new Rolls Royce model will come out by 2018. This may be used on the Rolls Royce SUV that has been in the limbo of having a confirmation from the British company but no further details mentioned about it. As long as the cars can still perform their signature waft and retain a sumptuous interior, then the space-age technology should be welcomed in the car as long as the V12s remain unharmed.

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