Fugedaboudit: Model S Fire Investigation Not Happening

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Is Telsa getting off easy on this one?

There's been a seemingly never ending list of publications praising the Tesla Model S for its wicked performance, handling, and impressive range abilities. The EV sedan is nothing short of impressive, but it was only earlier this month that one Model S caught on fire. Sparking (pun intended) a bit of controversy and questions, the cause of the fire was blamed on a "large metallic object" in the middle of the road that struck the car's underbody.

However, Tesla claimed the car did exactly what it was designed to do because the fire was contained to just one of the battery pack's 16 modules. In other words, the fire didn't spread. But due to the US government shutdown, a proper investigation couldn't take place immediately after the incident. Now, however, the NHSTA has gathered its data and concluded there won't be any further investigation. Combined with Tesla's own internal findings, it's become clear it was a freak accident and that the EV is perfectly safe.

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