Full Frontal: Has Lexus Lost its Mind With its Spindle Grille?

Some love the look. Others truly despise it.

In order to add some spice into what was a near flavorless pot of soup, Lexus knew that edgy, somewhat controversial styling needed to be done to its lineup. Beginning with the LFA, Lexus set out on a mission to redefine itself, and move away from that conservative image. But today’s car market is a different story, so Lexus went all out. The main result is its spindle grille, the angled hour glass-like design that now adorns the entire lineup.

Speaking with the Japanese brand’s chief designer earlier this month at Detroit where the RC F was revealed, Yasuo Kajino told Autocar that he was proud of the brand’s new look and that "we need to get noticed, and the way to do that is strong design." Referring specifically to the RC F, Kajino continued that "the aero and cooling requirements were quite demanding, and we needed to incorporate them into the design." But have Kajino and crew gone overboard with the styling, specifically the grille? "It’s true that we have been told by our bosses to be bolder and more challenging, but the most important people to listen to are our customers – and they love what they see."

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