Full Review: Seat Ibiza SC


The Seat Ibiza has no shortage of cars to compete against. Competition comes not only from other companies, but also from within the Volkswagen family. Since the Ibiza shares a platform with the Polo, Fabia and A1, you have to have a pretty specific list of things that you want from a car to end up in one of these over the others. Should you end up in an Ibiza, two of the things at the top of your list would probably be price and aesthetics.

The Ibiza is cheap to buy, but it also has very low running costs. All of the available engines offer up good fuel economy, although in the case of the 180hp turbocharged engine offered in the FR and Cupra trims, that is a very relative thing. On the aesthetics front, the Ibiza is without question the most attractive of its corporate cousins. It even manages to hold on to this aesthetic appeal when compared to some of the more attractive cars from completely different companies, such as the Ford Fiesta.

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The Fiesta would probably be the Ibiza's closest competition. This is not an easy car to go up against, as the Fiesta is a truly excellent car. The Ibiza can hold its own though. All of that platform-sharing with VW mans that the Ibiza is very well built and a pleasure to drive. Every bit as responsive and composed as the Fiesta, the Ibiza falls short of the Fiesta only in terms of the feedback you'll get through the wheel. Good interior space makes the Ibiza practical as well.

If you live in the city, and your chances to really take your car out and flog it around some country roads are few, the Ibiza would be one of your better choices. Of course, the Ibiza isn't a purely city car. It is perfectly capable of highway travel, even over long distances. It is just that its strenths are most aparent in the city. It's easy to park, enjoyable to drive, and you'll look cool in it.