Full-Size Lightning McQueen Replica Based On 6th-Gen Toyota Celica Up For Sale

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It's the ultimate school-run car.

Earlier this year, Porsche introduced a manual 911 GTS inspired by Sally Carrera from the classic Pixar franchise, Cars.

We love Porsche for building this tribute and auctioning it to support young girls through the Girls Inc charity, but it's got nothing on a small body shop in Chon Buri, Thailand. The shop is called P.S. Modify, and it created two spectacular versions of the famous Lightning McQueen. The one model is in the famous Piston Cup livery, while the blue car wears the Dinoco stickers.

Both cars are based on the sixth-generation Toyota Celica. Why the Celica? Despite Thailand's proximity to China, which doesn't have a shortage of cheap cars to sell to the masses, the Thais are incredibly loyal to the Japanese brand.

P.S. Modify P.S. Modify

Toyota holds a 44% market share in Thailand, and the locals love modifying their cars. Long before Lexus actually built the LM minivan, taxi operators in Bangkok were bolting Lexus grilles to the front of their vehicles. The modifying scene is massive in Thailand, but it's primarily based on design and interior comfort since it's impossible to move at anything more than a walking pace.

It doesn't get more stylish than this. Though the car is based on the Celica, every single body panel but the roof is different. The Celica is also a tiny little sports car; a NASCAR is anything but.

As a result, the car had to be made longer at both ends and wider to get the full NASCAR effect.

P.S. Modify P.S. Modify P.S. Modify

The chunkiest addition is to the rear, which is significantly wider, and equipped with a big wing. We doubt these aerodynamic additions have any effect on the handling. In fact, they likely harm the performance. The Celica was hardly a fast car, to begin with, and that giant rear wing will slow it down more.

We've seen other writers worry about the size of the air intake at the front, but the standard sixth-gen Celica was built in more innocent times. You know, back when cars were equipped with grilles that were just large enough to accommodate the amount of airflow the engine needed, and not design features.

P.S. Modify P.S. Modify P.S. Modify

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