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Full-Sized Lego McLaren 720S Goes On Display

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Here's another reason to visit the Petersen Automotive Museum.

Hot on the heels of the recently announced Bugatti Chiron Lego Technic car comes a plastic McLaren 720S. This one is not only a small-scale model though, it also comes in a 1:1 full-size replica that looks good enough to drive. Consisting of over 280,000 bricks and built up around a steel frame by certified Lego professional builders (yes there is such a thing), it took a team of six over 2,000 hours to make. Compare that to the 12 working days (around 100 hours) that it takes to complete the real thing.

The finished product weighs in at 3,200 pounds which is actually almost 300 pounds heavier than the one you can drive. The extremely accurate proportions were achieved thanks to close collaboration between McLaren Automotive and the professional builders; CAD data of the car was used to make sure the correct dimensions were maintained. Eagle-eyed readers will notice that not every component was made of Lego. The tires are the all-new Pirelli P Zero Corsas that are available on the road-going version and of course the alloy wheels are the real deal too. The rest is all Lego.

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The model is available to view at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles until the August 19. While the full-scale model is not for sale, visitors will be able to purchase a somewhat smaller Lego version at the museum. An interactive app next to the big Lego car will allow customers to custom-design their own decals and stickers for their purchase. If you fancy the real thing then head down to your McLaren dealer, the carbon fiber and metal constructed 720S starts at $284,745, that's before you add any personalized stickers.