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Fully Electric Jaguar XJ Flagship To Take On Tesla Model S In 2019

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Jaguar is finally catching up with its German rivals with the belated launch of a new flagship sedan.

Believe it or not, Jaguar's current flagship XJ luxury sedan has been around since 2009, so it's safe to say it's long overdue a redesign. Compared to other luxury sedans on the market like the Mercedes S-Class, Audi A8, and BMW 7 Series, the XJ is certainly showing its age. Fear not however, because Jaguar will be launching an all-new XJ in 2019. Unlike other manufacturers that are selling hybrid versions of their flagship models, as we expected, Jaguar's new flagship will take on the Tesla Model S as a fully electric sedan according to Autocar.

Design of the new XJ has reportedly been completed, and the car will be developed alongside the more road-oriented Range Rover dubbed the "Road Rover" internally. Autocar's sources suggest Jaguar's all-electric sedan will be revealed at the end of this year to mark the XJ's 50th anniversary before launching in 2019. Serving as a high-tech flagship for Jaguar and rival to BMW, Mercedes and Audi with cutting edge tech, the new XJ will switch from a conventional four-door sedan body style to a sleeker five-door layout. No other design details have been revealed yet, but the overhauled design has apparently been very well received inside the company, cementing the XJ sedan as the company's flagship model.

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Its new styling should also influence the design language of future cars in Jaguar's line-up. Jaguar's goal is to reinvent the sedan by using electrification to combat the rise of SUVs and the surprise popularity of hatchbacks in the US thanks to Tesla. It's a bold move by Jaguar, particularly as it will be battling the ever-popular Tesla Model S which has arguably already reinvented the luxury sedan as a successful EV. Of course, the new XJ won't be the first all-electric Jaguar, as the I-Pace SUV will earn that accolade when it launches in just a few months this March.